Lower Print Quickstrike


Lower’s new Quickstrike prints for men and women have dropped in stores and online featuring the new Pressure and Ivy tees as well as bringing back a classic print – Triband. Available in both white/pink and black/pink, this classic Lower print pays homage to the hiphop artists who have had a heavy influence on Lower as a brand.

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LWR_Feb_PrintInject-1v2   LWR_Feb_PrintInject-2

LWR_Feb_PrintInject-3   LWR_Feb_PrintInject-4

LWR_Feb_PrintInject-5   LWR_Feb_PrintInject-6

LWR_Feb_PrintInject-7   LWR_Feb_PrintInject-8

LWR_Feb_PrintInject-9v2   LWR_Feb_PrintInject-10v2