Cacti Care with Lu Diamond Flowers


Not all of us are blessed with green fingers and for those of us who don’t have time to grow or care for a family of house plants, the spikey yet charming cacti is the way to go. Cacti are super easy to maintain once you have nurtured the basic needs that all succulents require for a long and healthy life.

Lucy of Lu Diamond Flowers in Auckland shares some tips that should help you avoid a premature desert burial.

  1. Succulents need to be planted in soil that drains like a boss! Check that your pot or container has holes at the bottom, this helps the water drain through properly which avoids roots rotting. Cacti don’t usually have deep roots so a shallow pot is best.
  2. Don’t over water your Cacti! – A cactus can go for weeks without a drink. In summer aim to water every week or two and in winter stretch it out to once a month. The best way to know if it needs some love is if the soil looks dry give it a splash!!
  3. Vitamin D // Sunbaking everyday!!  All succulents need lots of natural light, placing them somewhere warm and bright is key. Be careful not to over exposure them in direct sunlight though, this can burn there exterior creating brown spots.
  4. Hair cuts – often a cacti can get a little rough around the edges in its appearance, break off any brown of crusty bits as these dead cells steal off the goodness from your plant.

Lastly when purchasing your new friends make sure you pick up some gardening gloves if your going to be re-potting you don’t want to get pricked! Also don’t be shy in asking the counter lady for tips on the best soil and fertiliser – everyone has their secret tips.

Words by Lucy Houghton.

Photography by Karen Ishiguro.


Lucy wears Five Each Rib Tank and Relaxed Shorts throughout.