Rolla’s Summer ’15


Rolla’s is a brand created by designer couple Andy Paltos and Sarah Gilsenan. After years of working for various denim and lifestyle brands, they finally decided 2012 was the year to take their collective experience, knowledge and sensibilities and branch out to create something built from their passions they could call their own.

Andy and Sarah have always loved, worn and collected the classic Australian denim brand Faberge and had dreamed of relaunching it one day. Original Faberge creator, David Laidlaw, joined forces with Andy and Sarah to bring nostalgia from Faberge to create a classic jeans brand that felt modern and free, now known as Rolla’s.

The Rolla’s duo both grew up in the coastal suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The laid back lifestyle in these suburbs has naturally had influence on their aesthetic and with Rolla’s they embrace this to create something that is close to home and their roots.

Check out the Rolla’s Summer ’15 campaign shot by Smith Claudia. Shop the range in stores & online.