Moreporks Classics 2015


Moreporks Classics 2015 collection features Moreporks first screen-printed logo t-shirt release in over 4 collections. The original logo represents where Moreporks draws their inspiration from; the land, sky and water. This selection of garments is very limited edition.

The campaign was shot on the 16-acre exotic fruit orchard of Tim and Helen Rose, and one of their workers, Jack, features in the campaign. On this property there is a wild selection of different species of sub-tropical fruits and plants from all over the world. These include tea and coffee, coffee being Tim’s long-time business as co-founder of Havana Coffee Works.

“Nature is humbling. Stepping back from the competitive urban battlefield gives you fewer opportunities to exercise your ego. You spend more time getting to know yourself and that can be helpful in reshaping your view of the world.” – Tim Rose

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