Riddle Me This – Optical Phenomena

Optical Phenomena is anything we see that is made from the interaction of  light and another substance, so stuff like rainbows or clouds, anything else that’s a bit bizarre. Optical Phenomena is also the name of the  latest range we have just had drop in-store by locally created label Riddle Me This. This is a range with a lot of colour pop and we are super stoked to have it in store for the summer season. We caught up with Riddle Me This designer Liz Turner and got the low down on Optical Phenomena and few other things like Ice Cream.

Thanks: The range is super colour packed for summer, what were your main inspirations for the SS13 Optical Phenomena range?

Liz: I was definitely inspired by the rainbow! Cheesy I know, but true. I find it quite a fascinating and beautiful part of nature that we can take for granted so easily.


Thanks: What was your favourite moment at NZFW?

Liz: The very start of the show, pinching myself because it was actually happening!


Thanks: What is your favourite thing about summers in Mount Maunganui?

Liz: The beach of course. Being able to live at a summer hot spot is a dream.


Thanks: What is your favourite ice cream flavour?