Staff Success

Our new staff member, Renee Moreland, has just wrapped up the final year of her fashion design degree and in doing so taken out the Supreme Designer award at the recent Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, fashion and design exhibition. We are stoked, and so is she!

Renee, in finishing up your degree, you won the Supreme Design award. How did it feel to wrap up your degree with such success?
It was a total shock to get supreme designer on the night, honestly did not expect it one bit…there was an AMAZING amount of talent shown that night. But I am super happy with it, just confirms that I am on the right track in life! Feels good!

Yaayaaah, you killed it. Tell us about your collection, and the inspiration behind it…
My collection was inspired by the history of women’s fashion,  focusing on the corset. I wanted to celebrate the corset, as a fashion garment, not a constricting, disliked garment [it is often seen as]. The collection featured dusty pink high-fashion leather and chiffon corsets and innovative purely feminine skirts and pants.

What is your favourite thing to make and why?
I love [to] make things like corsets and tops. The idea behind making them makes sense to me, and I can see what they will look like just from looking at the pattern, but garments like pants I cannot figure out.

What about in the kitchen, what’s your favourite thing to make?

You are doing a full day designing… what song keeps the corsets going?
Me and a few of the girls I studied with would get all silly late at night and have to blast music, but it would always be songs form our past, like S-Club 7, and Spice Girls… Anything to get you through a late night of sewing!

Congratulations on finishing your studies and taking out the big award, From all the team at Thanks.
Renee works at the Thanks Tauranga store, pop in and say hi.