Thank Goodness & Tim Chapman

Tim Chapman draws things he wants and likes.  This comfortable approach to art is not only reflected in his works but also in past shows.

He grew up on a farm in the Dunedin countryside and is essentially a self-taught artiste.

“BE RAD” was his most recent show in Sydney at the prestigious Monster Children Gallery, it was a visual splattering with a wildly eclectic aesthetic.  When asked about his current works “PARTY ON A MOTORBIKE”, Tim explains that when he returned from New York he wanted to start a gang and ride around New Zealand but no one was keen.  He resorted to drawing his own gang, these mischievous boys and deep sea-explorers, which he has offset by the delicate quality of watercolour.


In conjunction with Tim Chapman’s show, ‘Thanks Goodness’ has produced some very special T-shirts that will be available at the exhibition, and at Good As Gold (Wellington) and Thanks.

This Tim Chapman T-shirt is the first release from Thank Goodness. One new brand with the combined forces of two shops, Thanks and Good As Gold, and the two minds behind the shops, Jake Pyne and Ruben Bryant. The boys wanted to start a new brand together to take their positive vibes and good times to NZ and the world.

Look out for more from TG in the near future…